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It’s independence day on this lost highway

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13 June 1987
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If you want to talk to me you shouldn’t give me sugar or caffeine. Trust me: you probably don’t want to talk to me when I am on a sugar high or when I had too much coffee. I have my best ideas during these times though. At least I think so. My family and friends just plan how to hide the sugar and coffee.
Other than that I am pretty normal and maybe a little bit on the boring side of life.
I love to talk about my fandoms but most of the time I post about my real life because it tends to take over my fandom life.
I love to make new friends! If you think we have something in common or would get along great don’t hesitant do leave a comment! Luckily for me you'll never know if I am on a sugar high before you write a comment :D

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